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Stripe Connect for Platforms

CardFlight supports the Stripe Connect feature where you, as a developer, can make charges that apply to other Stripe accounts that have connected to your platform. The advantage of using Stripe Connect is that you need only one CardFlight merchant account, but can send charges to many different Stripe accounts. That means only one CardFlight merchant account object to keep track of, and only one OAuth to

The process for setting up your platform Stripe account with CardFlight is identical whether or not you plan to send charges to other Stripe accounts, but the payload you send with the CardFlight SDK will be different.

In order to send a charge to one of your connected Stripe accounts, you must include the key “connected_stripe_account_id” in the metadata of your CardFlight charge.

Stripe Connect Fees

If you send a charge to cardflight and have already included the “connected_stripe_account_id” param in your metadata, you can can also include the param “application_fee” in your metadata. You must pass “application_fee” an amount in cents (e.g. 100 would be one hundred cents, or a $1.00 fee). This fee is collected by your primary Stripe account, the one that you OAuth-ed to CardFlight. The charge is sent to the other Stripe account that is connected to your platform Stripe account.

  metadata: {
    connected_stripe_account_id: “acct_12345abcde”,
    application_fee: 100

For details on how Stripe applies its own fees and how this works in conjunction with the application_fee parameter, please see the Stripe documentation .