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Merchant Accounts

CardFlight supports many leading payment processors. If you or your end merchants have multiple Merchant Accounts, you can manage them from one CardFlight developer account even if the Merchant Accounts are with different processors.

We allow you to choose among many different merchant account providers, but you will need to have a processing contract with a supported acquirer in place before you can process production transactions.

CardFlight accesses supported processors via high-level security. See more about the security that we use at CardFlight.

Supported Processors

CardFlight works with some of the top payment processors in the world.

If you would like us to integrate with a processor who’s not on the list above, reach out to us

Supported Features

Processor/Feature Charge Void Refund Tokenization Vaulting

Account Token

Each Merchant Account that you attach to either of your Production or Test accounts will have an associated Merchant Account Token. This Merchant Account Token is used to identify within your app, which merchant account you would like the payment to be made to.