Click here to see documentation for V4 of our Mobile SDK and our Gateway API.

Card Readers

Reader Hardware: We currently offer two readers, a Magnetic Stripe reader and a Chip Card (EMV) reader.

Magnetic Stripe Reader EMV Reader
Msreader Emvreader
Magnetic Stripe Support Yes YES
EMV Chip Support No Yes, if using merchant account with an EMV-certified processor
Rechargeable Battery N/A Yes, USB charging cable included

Reader States

  • Attached: Reader is detected by the SDK but is not ready to receive commands yet.
  • Connecting: The SDK is connecting with the reader.
  • Connected: The reader is connected and ready to receive further commands.
  • Swipe Detected: A swipe is detected by the reader, not yet processed.
  • Disconnected: The reader is disconnected from the device.
  • Not Detected: All connection attempts have been made but no reader was detected.

Supported platforms

Our readers currently work on all Apple mobile devices using iOS version 8.0 or above and all major Android platforms on most available devices. For specific device compatibility visit our Android library page.

Purchase Readers

To purchase readers please reach out to us at and we will forward a form for you to purchase readers.

For more info on how to connect the reader to your app refer to our Full API reference.