Click here to see documentation for V4 of our Mobile SDK and our Gateway API.

CardFlight Developer Account

Your developer account is your portal for managing and accessing CardFlight information.

Note you must have a signed CardFlight Developer Agreement before you can process transactions in production. Please contact us if you do not yet have an API Key & developer account. Also feel free to reach out to us at

Production versus Test

Every developer account with CardFlight is divided into two different sections, one for testing and one for live production payment through your app. Every call to our API will require you to pass this API Key in as an identifier on our servers to determine which environment your call is making.

See our testing section for more details about test mode.

API Keys

Both Production and Test modes have their own unique API Keys that are used to interact with the CardFlight API servers. Each developer account comes with both API Keys for use within your app. The Test API Key should only be used for testing out various functionality of CardFlight.

The Production API Key should never be published, and must be kept secure within your own app. Please contact us at if your keys have been compromised in anyway.

Merchant Account Boarding

Each Merchant Account that you attach to your (Production or Test) accounts will have an associated Merchant Account Token. This Merchant Account Token is used to identify, within an app, which merchant the payment will to be made to. To connect to an existing Merchant Account, click here.